The left front of the Kandinsky Kimono is drying on my dining room table. I finished it up late last night and cast on right away for the right front. It’s my small superstition that I’ll never finish a project if I don’t have a piece at least cast on. So, the right front is about 4 rows long, but it’s started.

I woke up early this morning to be able to rinse and block the left front. It makes me feel good when I come home and see a knitted piece out on the table – a nice welcome home. (Never mind that I’ll be picking cat hair off forever.)

I’m dreaming of taking over my husband’s half of our shared craft room. His fly tying table has somehow made it into the middle of the room and is encroaching on my space. I’m wondering how soon he’ll notice that it’s been moved out into the garage. I’m also wondering about how to take over the basement, but make it damp proof and have enough light to be able to work comfortably. What I really need is a brand new house or at the very least a room of my own (where are you when I need you Virginia?).

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