I hate it when I can’t sleep. Normally, sleeping is not a problem for me, but lately it’s been an issue (mostly because it’s hard to find a comfortable position for my shoulder). The upside is, I’ve been knitting like a fiend. It’s pretty amazing what a couple of hours on the couch with AMC on the TV can do for my current project.

So, I reached my (weekend) goal of having half the right front done on the Kimono. I have to say, this sweater really looks cool. I’m hoping to have pictures up soon. Not much other knitting is getting done. Here’s what else I have on the needles:

1. sock from the green/yellow/beige colorway of Sockotta

2. unspun silk scarf (I got bored!)

3. fluffy, girly scarf made of yarns I bought when last in Seattle (September 2002)

4. Mountain Colors vest (okay, it’s not really on the needles anymore, it’s waiting for the crochet edging around the armholes and neckline – I’ve done the neckline twice and ripped it out twice then got disgusted with the whole thing and stuffed it in a bag)

Hmmm, it’s getting warmer around here, maybe I should get that vest done soon. It will look really cute with a t-shirt under it. New weekend goal?

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