Not a very knitty weekend. My parents came to visit and as my mom’s a major league scrapbooker, that’s what we did all weekend. I’m trying to get the whirlwind trips we took in December down in the books, but it’s been difficult. I think part of the problem is that there’s so much stuff that I’m overwhelmed.

I did get my order from (I love this place!). Every now and again, I’ll mosey over to the site to see what’s new and I almost always order something. I picked up the Oat Couture Applegate shirt pattern and enough Nova Sophia (cotton/linen) to knit it. It will be a beautiful, drapy, summer-kind of shirt. I can’t wait to get started. I have to fly to DC on business this week – I think this may be my in-flight knitting.

Have no fear, the Kimono is coming along nicely. My sister oohed and aahed over the finished bits and can’t wait for me to get it finished. I think she’s having delusions about borrowing it – HA!

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