Back at work after a 2-week vacation. It was terrific, but it’s time to work again – I find that if I don’t have anything to do at home (structured stuff) that I waste a lot of time and get nothing done.

I did organize some magazines in my studio. I tend to finish reading a magazine and then stack it on my desk – well, the stack was about a foot high, so time to file them away. In relation to filing the magazines, I’m trying to get all my stash (books, magazines, yarn, and spinnable fiber) into a database so I know what I have. I just got a new Palm (m515 for the technoids) and it came with a great set of programs (Documents to Go) that will allow me to migrate my Access databases into my Palm to take with me everywhere. I also have KnitAble – so I’m getting organized. It’s a good start for the new year.

My Christmas present from my husband was a drum carder. I have some fiber that was dyed beautiful oranges, reds, and yellows, but it’s matted a bit. This makes it hard to spin, so I’m wondering if I can card it through the drum carder and then spin it. It’s really gorgeous in the roving and I’m dying to see it spun into yarn.

Also started a project that I picked up at Stitches East. I bought a couple of silk hankies with the intention of knitting them without spinning the silk first. The resulting scarf is beautifully soft, but I’m worried about it pilling terribly. We’ll see how it goes. I’d like to have a couple done to sell at my guild’s winter sale.

Dacapo – finished knitting!!! I just have to seam up the sleeves and weave in a few ends. I’m dragging my feet as I’m afraid it’s a tad small for my zaftig body. I should finish it, block it, and if it doesn’t fit – oh well. It was great fun knitting and someone will be able to wear it!!

Back to the mile long “to do” list.