…and reality sets in. My husband may have kidney stones. He spent the entire weekend in bed (with me in the living room rolling my eyes because “geez, he thinks no one has ever had the flu before!”). When he called me yesterday afternoon to tell me he was “peeing orange.” I told him he had to get himself to the doctor. They did an Xray and a CT on him yesterday and we’re waiting for the results today. They did give him some good drugs, so at least he spent one pain free night.

My holiday reading plans went completely out the window. I wanted to pick up Crime and Punishment, but it sat on the shelf for my entire vacation. Instead I went through some of my back issues of Spin-Off and picked up The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham. (Not an original idea I must add, I couldn’t sleep one night and got up to watch TV and caught a bit of the movie on ACM.) Despite being a smallish book, it’s not a quick read. I can’t believe I never picked up Maugham before – this from an literature major! I keep reading quicker and quicker just because I can’t wait to find out what happens, and the language is beautiful!!

So the ‘to do’ list is only half a mile long now…

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