I’ve been looking for a turtleneck black dress to wear with my Dacapo sweater. I found one (with the help of my sister-in-law) at L.L. Bean. I hesitated to buy it, because it only has a mock turtleneck and I really prefer “real” turtlenecks. Well, I figured that I could just send it back if I didn’t like it – so I ordered. It arrived yesterday and it’s perfect! I tried it on this morning and then ran to get the unfinished Dacapo and it looks great.

So, my weekend plans are to finally finish the jacket (and I’m hopeful that I’ll post a picture of it as well). I’d also like to finish the unspun silk scarf. There, it’s in print and I’ll have to hang my head in shame if it isn’t done by Monday.

One more thing, husband is coming home tomorrow. It will be an extremely happy day for his little Brittany Spaniel who is about to starve herself for want of seeing her “boy.”

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