It’s finished!!! The Dacapo is done and drying on my dining room table. I wanted to take a picture of it, but as I don’t have my own digital camera, I haven’t done it yet. Will be taking a camera from work to get the pics up ASAP.

The unspun silk scarf is coming along nicely. I didn’t have the self control to attenuate all of the silk hankie before beginning the knitting – just wanted to get started. So, I did approximately 1/3 of the hankie and grabbed the needles. It’s very soft and looks terrific, I’m just a little concerned about pilling. I think I’ll wash it before beginning a second scarf. I’ll also have to pull out my stitch dictionaries and see if there are other simple patterns I like to try this technique on the 12 other hankies I have in my spinning stash.

So, what’s up for my next “big” knitting project? If I take a look at my list – it’s the Philosopher’s Wool sweater kit my mother-in-law bought for my birthday. Her’s is absolutely gorgeous and I’d love to have a sweater like that. Of course, I could also finish the Sally Melville design I started last year and promised to have finished before going to Stitches East in October (the back and sleeves are done, as is 1/2 of the right front). Oh well, having no self control (as I stated before), I’ll probably pull out the Philosopher’s kit and at least ball up the yarn.

By the way, husband is doing well – with a minimum of whining on his part. He still needs help moving from bed to living room, but all in all for one who had surgery less than a week ago, he’s in good spirits and fairly good health. I told him this morning that he has to be well enough to drive me home after my own surgery in approximately 2 weeks (rotator cuff tear). He’s promised that he’ll be designated driver as well as general supportive guy.

I’m going to take some advice from the KnitFlame list and start trying to be ambidextrous for the 2 weeks prior to the surgery. The tear is (of course) in my dominant shoulder and I’m worried about being able to drive back and forth to work. We’ll see how it goes.

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