So, it seems that I can’t get myself working on another big project right now. I’m overwhelmed with having to make a decision (I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I seem to be the only one able to make a decision in my office – but that’s a completely different story). I’m dithering between which big new sweater to start, so in my hesitation, I went to my LYS yesterday and spent my 20% off coupon on some luscious Mountain Colors ribbon. I fell in love with the pattern last fall and bought it on the spot, but couldn’t pay $28.00/hank – no matter how gorgeous it is, and I needed 3 hanks. Well, they’re in my stash now…

As promised, I also have a picture of my unspun silk scarf I’m fairly pleased with it and it goes so quickly that I feel a great sense of accomplishment with my 15-20 minutes of knitting nightly. Here’s the hankie that it came from My daughter has requested “one just like it…only in purple.” I can forgive her, she’s only 7, but she knows what she likes!

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