Hmmm, does it count that I was at least knitting like a fiend even though I didn’t knit the thing I said I would? I still had the Mountain Colors ribbon in the car when I took my son to hockey practice on Friday night. To keep my daughter busy during his practice, I took the ribbon into the rink and she held it while I rolled it into balls. She didn’t complain too much because it was so soft and yummy (I did have to tolerate her rubbing the yarn on her face every now and again).

So after that sensory experience, I had to start knitting with it right away. My first attempt produced 6 inches of knitting before I realized that I had made a mistake and shifted one of the lace panels over a couple of stitches. When I held it up for my husband to view, he shook his head and said, “You have to take it out don’t you?” When I said, “Yup” and shrugged my shoulders, he looked at me in surprise and said “Wow, not so traumatic, that would have made you cry a couple of years ago.” While he got the timing wrong (it was more like 7 or so years ago that it would have made me cry) he surprised me by remembering how traumatic a mistake like this used to be. Now, it’s not such a big deal – I get to enjoy knitting with the yarn again!

So, anyway I have just a few more inches to go on the back of the vest and I’m hoping to knit that away tonight and get started on the front. I love vests!!!!

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