I was trying to come up with an interesting and clever name for my blog this morning. A lot of people call me C.J., but the other day, someone said “I’ll call you ‘siege’.” I liked it. So, I looked it up in an online dictionary. It means “a military blockade of a city,” which I have been known to do on occasion (metaphorically speaking). Not so bad, but then I looked up siege mentality, which means “a defensive or overly fearful attitude.” Not so nice, but oddly appropriate. So that’s my bit of cleverness for today.

What I like to do:

*making yarn – not sweating in a gym
**something I haven’t been able to do since July because I have tendonitis in my right shoulder – which sucks, but will eventually be healthy again (positive thoughts).

What I’m reading now:
“Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper – Case Closed,” by Patricia Cornwell
It’s a little creepy, but ultimately a good read. I find myself looking at the pictures a little more than I should. It’s going slowly as I can only read for about 15-20 minutes a night or else I start to imagine that the sounds my house makes are really someone coming to get me.

Next up: “Crime and Punishment” – one of those novels I’ve always felt I should read…

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