It’s good to be back at work…

I spent the weekend in a “hangover haze.” This was due to the work holiday party on Friday night, which was really a lot of fun. However, my boss is a wine pusher and it tasted so good that I just kept slurping it up. As a result of this haze, none of my plans worked out.

I need to finish the Hanne Falkenberg Dacapo jacket. My brother-in-law is getting married on December 21 and this is what I plan on wearing. The pieces are all together, I just need to finish up the left front and put in the band. I must say, all the praise for a Falkenberg kit is justified. This design is so clever, I found myself knitting faster just to see what came next! I have her Ballerina jacket and I want to start it right now – but I know that would be deadly.

I have no other holiday knitting on tap. Every year in about August, I think about making a to do list and then never get around to it. I supppose this is healthier for me – I never get the mad rush to get things done. [My mother reminds me every year about the Christmas Eve I sat at her house in the guest room in my underwear finishing up a mitten for one of my nieces – never again!!]

I have decided that 2003 will be the year of knitting for me! I have the materials for at least 4 sweaters…
1. the Kandinsky Kimono (from Interweave Knits)
2. cashmere bought at Stitches East (planning on a close fitting turtle neck)
3. Lorna’s Laces silk/wool yarn (planning a cabled pullover)
4. Hanne Falkenberg’s Ballerina Jacket

That should keep me busy well into next fall!!

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